Non-Ensemble Classes
In addition to our ensemble offerings, classes offered during the day outside of ensembles offer an extension of music learning.  Classes may include prerequisite requirements.

Our general music class offerings include:

  • AP Music Theory
  • Music Major (H)
  • Electric Piano Lab
  • Music & Modern Culture
  • Music Production & Technology
Lower Merion music offers two year-long academic classes dedicated to the study of music theory and other elements of musical training. While not required, it is strongly recommended that students take these classes concurrent to an ensemble class.
Music Major (H)
Music Major is an honors-level class that covers a broad survey of topics that students will encounter should they choose to major in music in college. The course focuses mostly on three areas: music theory, music history, and aural theory (sight-singing and dictation). It is aimed primarily at students in grades 11-12. Many Music Major students continue on to take AP Music Theory the following year. If you are interested in Music Major, please contact one of the music faculty for more information.
AP Music Theory
AP Music Theory is an intensive course that prepares students for success in music at the collegiate level. Its focus is decidedly narrow, and is most effective when combined with Music Major (H) in grades 11 and 12. If you are interested in AP Music Theory, please contact one of the music faculty for more information.
Lower Merion music offers three semester-long classes that allow students to explore non-ensemble musical interests and expand their musical exposure and knowledge.
Electric Piano Lab
Electric Piano Lab is a class that allows music students to learn to play the piano in our wonderfully-appointed music technology lab. The class is good for beginners and experienced pianists alike. Piano Lab makes a great fall/spring pairing with Music Tech & Production.
Music Technology & Production
Music Technology & Production is the perfect place for any student who wants to learn to mix, master, and create music electronically in our music tech lab. It makes a great complement to skills learned in the Electric Piano Lab class, and many students enroll in both as a fall/spring combination.
Music & Modern Culture
Music & Modern Culture is a class that examines the interaction between music and the growth of pop culture in the United States. It covers a history of the various forms of popular music from the mid-1800s to the present. This is a fantastic class for students with a particular interest in popular music forms.