Student Resources

Most course information and resources can be found on the Blackboard for each individual class/ensemble. Some information, however, is applicable across all major ensembles (band, choir, and orchestra) or even across the entire music department. A few music department resources are included here for your convenience.
Concert Attire - All of our major ensembles (band, choir, and orchestra) share a common concert dress uniform. Concert attire for other ensembles (jazz band, a cappella, pep band, etc.) varies and information for those ensembles can be obtained from their respective directors.
Mighty 100s - Mighty 100s are a rhythm training tool that are used across almost all of the music department classes, including all major ensembles, Music Major (H), and AP Music Theory. Students progress through the Mighty 100s over the course of their time in these classes, usually taking all four years in high school to complete the entire program.
Course & Grading Information  - While repertoire and assignment details vary, all major ensemble classes follow the same grading policy and syllabus. This is distributed to all students at the beginning of each year and includes a sheet that students and parents are expected to sign and return as confirmation that they have reviewed it.